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> have we found a way through, I for 1 hope so
Trip like I do
post Oct 21, 2011, 05:12 PM
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“Knowledge is limited,” Albert Einstein once said, “imagination encircles the world.”
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post Oct 21, 2011, 05:34 PM
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With E=mc^2 where 1E = 1c^2 at 0 mass the energy package 1E moves in the 1st dimension in a straight line as pure energy the distance of c^2 back and forth constantly. 1c^2 forms space fabric and travels beyond the single line of 1c^2 in a sinewave fashion.

What we have now as mass comes from 1E a previous energy parcel because energy came first from a dimension of time. Mass is made up of the sinewave of multiple 1c^2 slowed down. This energy is committed to the mass to make mass stable. Dimensions along with speed are the barriers for mass. The energy slowed down and made mass. It "rests" as mass and is the state of mass in all its varied forms.

To speed the state of mass up takes an outside fuel source. This is consumption and is a direct consequence of E=mc^2. The mass itself is moving internally with smaller elementary particles. These have a waveform and are a higher frequency than the original waveform 2c^2 that is positive and negative in 2 seconds time. That is 1c^2 forward and back 186234 miles long in the first dimension.

c^2 speed is the slowest speed that can remain in the first dimension as pure moving energy. Energy slower than 186234 miles per second makes up a portion of invisible dark matter and now travels in circle in space in the second dimension. Finally as this energy slows down it changes to the state of mass or substance at c speed. To move mass physically at c speed would take infinite energy. Does this mean that mass is stuck in the 3rd dimension which is mass slower than c speed? No. Mass probably has an individual signature as it dematerializes. This means that as energy it will retain the blue prints of the mass. This is because the mass has a previous contract of existence with a 1E parcel. So a piece of gold would have a signature. And one pice of gold compared to another piece of gold would have two signatures. The gold comes from the earth that has a contract with 1c^2. To move the gold c speed would take infinite energy.

So to time travel the mass has to remain at "rest". This means that the changes to "locality" in mass would have to take place before the mass expired (if it was a lifeform moving in time) as it rested during the transition.

Since we know that infinite energy can travel infinite miles by E=mc^2 then there is no shortage of power to move mass in time. No doubt the universe itself could move in time to another location if the added space were available. Lighter weights like people should have no problem moving through time within the universe.

Time travel would be like pulling the moon next to the earth and stepping across. The space between the earth and moon is temporarily made insignificant. Travel through space in an instant of time I believe is possible for mass. The change of locality would happen so fast that the life would no expire waiting to get there.

Since friction and gravity are reduced why does the waffer not disappear in the superconductivity experiment? The magnetic field is holding it in space. But a mere ping of the finger (outside fuel source) moves the waffer quite quickly. How hard a "ping" would it take to knock the waffer off the track? So the mass has limits. Get bigger magnets and the energy it takes to create the magnetism will leave a force able to upset the mass in the equation. This would show that very small increments in time are extremely powerful.

All mass came from infinite energy. Even as 110E (the sun) did. InfiniteE supllied the energy of the universe which made the mass of the universe. It is a contract of E=mc^2. Now the mass that is alive wants to move through space and time. It is learning.

If I am right about E=mc^2 quantum mechanics should probably be in line with what is seen about Einstein's equation.
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