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> I need some urgent help., MCAT in 1.5 months.
post Jul 28, 2008, 08:05 AM
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I have been studying for my MCAT for over 5 weeks , but i seem to have lost my focus and cant concentrate on anything these days. I spend lot of time reading the book but not being able to absorb anything. I tried to increase my coffee intake but it makes me jittery and is counterproductive. My friends have been suggesting Adderal or Ritalin to me but i don't want to take that route since abusing prescription drugs is the not the way i want to gain a spot in Med school. After doing some research i bought few things and would like to have some guidance about the dosage.

1. Piractem
2. Pyritnol
3. Huperzine A
4. Alpha GPC.

I was wondering if i should start taking them all the at same time or start with few and then add on the others after a week or so. I can usually study for 5-6 hours straight but after that i start to feel really tired and my brain gets foggy.. Is it because of the low blood or O2 level in the brain.. ??..

To make it short my goal is to enhance my Focus, Concentration and my ability to absorb information.

PS: Pardon my grammatical errors.
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post Aug 28, 2008, 01:31 PM
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hey chefmate. sorry, this is a bit late for an "urgent" request...

i'm a newcomer to nootropics, but my reading suggests the following answers to some of your questions:

1. you should add one nootropic at a time and discern its effects before adding anything else. this will take at least a week, and possibly much longer if you want to experiment with different dosages.

2. people usually end up taking between 2 and 9.5 grams piracetam per day, spread into 2-4 doses, with water and a choline source on an empty stomach (dosage may be reduced if you are taking other similar nootropics, such as oxiracetam). start out much lower, though. you'll need to add a choline source (such as alpha gpc) when you start piracetam. also make sure you're getting extra vitamin b-5. i don't know about dosage of gpc, but it's been discussed on these forums before, so try searching for it.

after a few days, piracetam starts making some people (including me) sleepy, but i've read this goes away after a week or two of staying at the same dose. if this happens to you, i suggest taking it before bed so the sleepiness doesn't interfere with your day. this is what i'm doing (too early to see if it will work out).

look into the contraindications of piracetam and anything else you're taking

for faster results with a racetam, look into aniracetam or oxiracetam.

3. dosage is usually around 100-200 mcg daily for huperzine (i think some people take 400 mcg), split into several doses, each with a meal. i've read that the same issue regarding sleepiness during an initial adjustment period may be a problem for some people with huperzine.

4. studying for 5-6 hours straight is already more than most can do. you could definitely try nootropics, but apart from that, take some study breaks.

"the brain is like a muscle: when it gets depleted, it becomes less effective."

^...i can't post links, so google "scientific american tired brain" and read the first hit, an article titled "tough choices"

you need to rest your brain, like you would rest your biceps in between sets at the gym (based on my own experience and sources such as the sciam article mentioned above). you'll get more mileage out of your brain if you rest before it's exhausted.

since your original post was a while ago, i hope this information is now unnecessary for you. but just in case, there it is.
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