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> A (better) Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
post Feb 20, 2008, 08:48 PM
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Some -Unknown- poster attempted to write up an introduction to AI, but it looked more like an introduction to Neural Networks. I have decided to write a better one with a wider scope.

A good introduction to AI would really include the distinction between Weak AI and Strong AI and then a longer exposition on Strong AI.

Weak AI
Expert Systems.
Video Game AI.
Automated Chat Bots.
Some mention of toy robots here. Robosapien, etc.
Most if not all Natural Language Processing software. (NLP)

Strong AI Rough History
1) Beginnings of AI. Paradigm was Intelligence=Symbol Manipulation. Examples, Turing Test. Theorem-solving algorithms in the 1950s.

2) 1980s. Invention of the transistor. Paradigm is now Intelligence=fuzzy logic. Failures of traditional AI due to Common Sense Knowledge. AI is still seen as a "software problem."

3) 1990s. Various paradigms emerge. Prevailing paradigm is that intelligence is a statistical or heuristic method. Computer Vision explodes as a research field at this time.

4) 2000s. Concept of Embodiment takes over. The prevailing paradigm is that strong AI will be achieved with a robotic agent that interacts with the real world. Artificial life (and in particular Genetic Algorithms) overlap here but the relationship is not clear among the community.

Strong AI Laundry List
1) Artificial Neural Networks. (ANNs)
2) Genetic Algorithms
3) Swarm Intelligence
4) Developmental Robotics. also called "Epigenetic Robotics"
5) Behavior-based Robotics. Braitenberg vehicles.
6) Human/Computer Interaction. Human/Robot Interaction.
7) Simultaneous Localization and Mapping problem. (SLAM)
8) Bayesian Statistics. Bayesian Inference Machines.
9) Markov Chain decision process. Reinforcement Learning.
10) Autonomous Navigation. Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft.
11) Frame Problem.
12) Symbol Grounding Problem.

Strong AI Philosophy Issues
1) Friendliness and the Singularity. Terminator. Matrix. Blade Runner.
2) Neural Correlates of Consciousness (NCCs)
3) What does "intelligence" mean?
4) Free will and anthropomorphization.
5) What does it mean that something is "alive"?
6) The Binding Problem.
7) Searle's Chinese Room and linguistics.
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