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> Peak Experiences
Trip like I do
post Feb 25, 2006, 09:04 PM
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An intensification of any experience to the degree that there is a loss or transcendence of self (often termed mystical or religious).

During 'Peak' experiences, the individual experiences not only an expansion of self but also a sense of unity and meaningfulness in life. For that moment, the world appears to be complete and the person is at one with it.

The experience lingers on and transforms one's understanding so that things do not seem to be quite the same afterword. Considered moments of 'self-actualization'.

Self-actualizers are able to distinguish between the goal that they are striving for and the means by which they are accomplishing it.

Self-actualizers freaquently have silly, wasteful, or thoughtless habits. At times they are vain and take too much pride in their achievements. They may sometimes lose their temper.

Because of their concentration on their work, they may appear absentminded, humorless, or impolite.

Less than 1% of the entire population actually achieve self-actualization.
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