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post Jun 08, 2015, 05:35 AM
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Hi guys, new here but I've been doing a lot of research into the psychology and neuroscience of cognitive enhancement the last few months.

In my research, I found that lowering stress improves memory retention and productivity, being happier or mindful also does this, and anything that increases BDNF levels.

A brief history of myself - I'm 20 years old, have been working out consistently for about 4 years now and got into bodybuilding and educating myself on proper nutrition. Interestingly, I found a lot of the things that go along with simply getting lean and that I used in my food already contributed to increased levels of BDNF (curcumin, nuts, berries, etc). This last year, I began experimenting and researching psychedelics and meditation as part of a school paper, and I found incredible similarities between the two.

That said, my protocol for cognitive enhancement would be as follows (note, I have not tried typical 'nootropics')

5-10mg adderall when needed (have not tried modafinil due to money/availbility)
Huperzine A (will be trying soon)
5g creatine monohydrate (neuroprotective, atp, yada yada)
.1-.3g psilocybin containing mushrooms (microdosing LSD would be better, but availability issues..discuss further)
200-400mg caffeine taken 2-3x a day
250mg l-theanine with caffeine (anxiolytic, works with caffeine to promote alertness without negative sides)
will be adding L-tyrosine soon also (reduces stress, acts synergistcally with caffeine)
400mg DMAE 2x a day
3-5 cups of green tea, OR could supplement with green tea extract
yohimbine HCL 6-15mg spread out through day (increases blood flow)
when available 30-90mg ephedrine HCL spread out throughout day (bronchodilator, acts synergistically with caffine for fat loss - more open lungs, more oxygen)

4-12 whole eggs daily

are consumed daily typically
Other foods are based around dietary goals suited to my sport/fitness goals at the time
I do not eat processed sugar and my sugar is limited to fruits/veggies
other carbs come from lentils, oatmeal, and occasionally jasmine or brown rice, sweet potatos

Essentially I eat paleo/bulletproof, but I didn't realize it was called this

I also follow an intermittent fasting protocol and meditate 10-30 minutes a day, but will be working on doing this more over time

I workout or do some physical activity at least everyday

I have never thought clearer in my life over the last few months of following this protocol, memory is better, mood is better, I have effectively cured myself of depression, bipolar, and any social anxiety I had prior to starting and in general, life is F**KING awesome.

Improve your brain, improve your perception, and that is your world. Better brain - better life.

It should be noted I also take testosterone replacement and regularly get bloodwork done to optimize my hormone balance.

I'll work on adding the studies I based all of my supplements from given my cognitive goals and will continue to update here. I'll be looking into adding in a few other things over the next few months once funds are available.

I know a lot of you guys talk about stacks - but exercise, diet, and things like meditation/yoga/clearing your mind I believe are also VITAL. Not only that, meditation is free and has been shown to increase levels of BDNF just by learning to clear your mind. I sort of think our brains are like computers and meditation is just basically learning how to control all the spam from our daily lives, or sort of like defragging a computer. Helps consolidate memory just like sleep but in less time. AMAZING to do with a study protocol - study 30 mins, take 5 break, repeat, every 4 hours take a break to eat, meditate for 30 mins..sort of like taking a nap.

Psychedelics also have incredibly potential from my research - I will elaborate on this more, just wanted to get this posted for now to get some feed back or questions so that I can begin contributing.

In my free time, I'm teaching myself german and coding as well. Never been easier. I am a student but off for the summer and looking into learning more about genetics/microbiology/electronics now in order to contribute to the DIYbio movement.

Thanks guys! Love it here, and so happy to have found a place I feel that I can contribute and learn from smile.gif
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post Feb 29, 2016, 02:02 AM
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Looking at your diet I feel a huge lack of protein, don't you ?!
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