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> Cheating EGO, A serious discussion of how ego works, how to control ego, how to induce ego (some more subjects)
post Jun 27, 2016, 12:00 AM
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Very direct thread,
content is not very well explained nor detailed nor precise,
just wanted to point out some stuff,
if you have any knowledge about the subject,
you will know what is being sad, and i hope you dont feel it

(remember it's a discussion thread, help me to analyze the whole behind this whole thing 'us', post information)

please discuss

internal monologue

the sense of self-esteemm
the sense of self-importance

how ego develops itself
how ego manifests itself
in what language does your ego talk
indices of dialogicity with the self when you are not aware
linguistic and communicative modalities, and disidentity


self healing

minimalist lifestyle
being minimalist (minimalist physical actions)

(Picture half related)/Can't post pictures yet
(img) www . imgur . com / pItlpqK (/img)

Some points I got

(Inducing ego):

The way hormones that come from happiness affect you (your 'you' meat)
think about
how chocolate affects happiness
(your 'self')
think about
how 'knowing' that
eating chocolate
will affect your happiness, which will
affect your physical and mental behaviours

(Behaviour control):

*An answer to a reply.
'encompassing all that is involved inside someones head.
i dont think true empathy exists,
maybe misunderstood in the whole sense.
we LOVE to say we know how others are feeling,
but i just dont think thats true.
experience of one does not equal experience of another.'

(Subject: body and self behaviour, post-traumatic life, its consequences and how it affects our
unconcious behaviour)

*Physical needs, root of suffering, Giacomo Leopardi (when he describes why we need satisfaction)

'You can watch and understand how their body reacts to it
think about its chemical reactions,
how they react when they aren't aware
you can know everything
maybe what you mean is that we cant feel
what it impact was, is or gonna be for someone
because we cant control it, nor react to it
cure is all about self motivation you want to accept it or not
infact you can see it from both sides
a reason or something (live, meds, achievements, human)
to motivate your self, which will motivate 'you', (meat)
motivating 'you', (meat) through a 'living only' food program, achieving purity (the ideal)
will motivate then, your self,
your 'self, will then motivate your motivated 'you',
motivating then
keeping this way a healthy pure cicle, a pure 'you' (meat)
if something is left,
what is left
represents the damaged caused on the 'you'
(we here be talking 'bout neuroscience)
pieces will be missing, you can know how the inside
of those 'you', will work'

(The + theory)

'the '+' is whatever you 'ingere', that would alter your psychophysical condition
if clean thoughts is what you aim to have

you would need a clean body, to carry your 'soul' around
even if your 'soul' ain't clean itself
you won't have the same thoughts you would have after a coffee, for example
you wouldn't have the same, monologue
that you would
with a clean body
your heartbeats would increase,
rising your breathing frequency, maybe lowering it,
such a thing would interfer with your 'decision making'
not really, interfering, but,
conditioning your certainity
what assures you?

the clean body would just persuade you to do whatever you gotta do, achieve your daily activities to its conclusion point
your future achievements
by just working on it
once you are finished
you just take a break and enjoy/live the rest of the day
maybe then, you would look for a new task
if your clean body still has energy
you would go for the dirty body (that dinner beer though)

the dirty body,
the dirty body is a clean body in its altered state
it might give you un, and, motivated thoughts
'i will just cross the street here because the pedestrian line is too far'
'damn, imma cross the street here so i get to the other side faster instead of walking to the pedestrian line'
maybe you will just say 'morning!' a bit louder
depends on what you got your body dirty with,
on its heavyness, on its lightness

filling your stomach, that meat bag
if you fill it too much, you will have a full meat bag to carry around
along with your 'soul'
you will feel it moving
you will have a molecular monologue
you will feel

having earphones on your ears,
listening to music, audio book, sound, waves
have you ever noticed how the outside seems to disappear
when you get the volume up, fading out ambient interaction from you
taking your self to a 'parallel dimension'
where you are just something in the way of something, or someone
where something, or someone
is on your way
at that point,
do you live, or do you survive?

you aim to get from A to B
everything that surrounds you,
is black and white
you are, coloured (just to differ)
walking straight, things pass by
any sort of, outside interaction
undifferentingly affects you
not because it causes you nothing
But because you just do not care,
or maybe you just accept the occurance
reflect, and wonder what should be done about it
maybe you might bump onto someone
it's something you did not expect, or you did not plan
to do
you then might say: 'sorry.' to whoever interacted with you
you might say: 'ok.' to your self

and carry on

what caused that interaction?
parallelism collision
your parallelism
his/her/its parallelism

that's you with the earphones on
do you live, or do you survive?

do you rush, or you just do?


that's about the body

the soul
the self
has it's clean and dirty state too'

will edit/update this several times
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post Jun 27, 2016, 07:01 AM
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Supreme God

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As a construct, ego is the mediator between the relative world and the spiritual world, it translates what can't be seen into thought and action. An example would be something simple like the wheel, which at one time wasn't imagined, and then one day it was and became manifest into reality by someone who could bring it from the potential into the relative by seeing it's reality. All potential discoveries and inventions not yet manifest are within the potential but do not manifest until the consciousness of the collective is ready to accept it into reality. All beings are connected by consciousness and is sometimes called a collective by those who see themselves as separate from each other. Which leads to what your discussion is about.

The Ego as you refer to it, has its foundation in the relative, based on opposites. ie. black and white, hot and cold etc. etc. It identifies with physical reality and itself as a separate or unique within the surrounding world of personalities and objects of identification. In one sense it is unique as is any thought. In another sense there is no way to prove anything is unique and hasn't been thought of or manifest within possible realities.

Two people can see the same object and have a completely different experience of what they see. This unique experience is not because of the object but because of the consciousness of the individual and how they choose to see it.

IF you can witness the thoughts of ego which is distantly referenced by your first example:
think about how chocolate affects happiness (your 'self') think about how 'knowing' that eating chocolate will affect your happiness, which will affect your physical and mental behaviours

Then you can begin to explore the witness that has become conditioned.

It (the witness) like the SELF or Soul is neither dirty nor clean. Those are relative values based on outward measurements and identification.
It's similar to the mind of a baby that begins to associate with relative values conditioned by exposure to the external world and it's parents thoughts. As it grows it then begins to associate itself to the relative beliefs and ideals of the media and society as it has been taught by its parents to associate and reason, and generally speaking, at their level of consciousness.
It (the baby)isn't born with any beliefs, nor is it inherently good or evil, but it is capable of either relative action described as good or evil.
Exploring the witness is tantamount to understanding consciousness as it applies to awareness of awareness, its states of relative measure and experience of Self and self.

Most are familiar with the three states of consciousness such as sleeping, dreaming and waking, but spiritual science expands upon 7 states of consciousness, identifying the subjective and objective experience of 4 more states of consciousness beyond sleeping, dreaming and waking yet inclusive of the first three, where the witness or Self becomes integrated into the first three, and is superior to conditioning of ego bound duality.

It requires the discipline to wean ones self from the laziness of identification of ones beliefs in ones self and reality to focus on the extensive potential of the witness without boundaries, also known as "All that is", "The stillness" "The silence", sometimes "God" tho in reality the word God was given to the manifestation of potential, or the active part of potential in all that is, will or can be realized, in thought, activity or manifestation.
The Underlying potential of manifestation is infinite. It is present in everything. It is awareness and it builds its experience thru reflection of thought, but not the same kind of thought as the ego which is born of association to relative boundaries.
Its association to Self is less restricted in creating "what if's" without the duality of "I can or I can't" being that it has an unlimited imagination to create any scenario in any kind of universe or world with any kind of conditions. The ego can only imagine itself within the conditions that it has learned to accept and relate to, within the time that it has begun to identify with itself as the meat sack and the product of its physical counterparts such as location, genetic makeup and or physical heritage, societal exposure and or circumstance.

Also understanding free will is part and parcel to understanding the boundaries of ego. What is will, and what differentiates one that is bound by the ego and one that is free of the ego?
Is genetic makeup part and parcel to the structure of ones beliefs, actions and thoughts and a closed system, or is genetic sequencing relative to states of consciousness and or the reflection of consciousness as it creates itself in the relative?
Science believes it's closed and confined to inherent properties of the genetic blood line or the lineage of the family and or species. Spiritual science experiences it as a reflection of Self and self awareness, being that, as one rises above the first three states of consciousness dna begins to unlock itself allowing the inherent genetic potential that relative science sees as fixed and unalterable to shift into new paradigms.

What relative science measures, it needs to associate to a source and an outcome that is predictable.

With spiritual science there are possible outcomes and probable outcomes based on the inner Self and what it has intended to manifest along with what the self allows itself to inherit or deny.

Nothing is fixed in that the mind can alter its past present and future based on what it wants to see and experience (mind being something other than emergent properties of self identification based on circumstance and more akin to the reflection of the potential self either encumbered or non encumbered by ego identification).
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junaid malik
post Aug 11, 2016, 10:21 PM
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how ego develops itself
how ego manifests itself
in what language does your ego talk
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post Aug 12, 2016, 07:53 AM
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Supreme God

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QUOTE(junaid malik @ Aug 12, 2016, 06:21 AM) *

how ego develops itself
By association to what it identifies itself with
QUOTE(junaid malik @ Aug 12, 2016, 06:21 AM) *
how ego manifests itself

It is manifest by consciousness/soul. Like a radio is manifest to decipher the radio bandwidth, it comes about as a result of the relative world and the mechanics that are involved in broadcasting the intent of Universal mind. How it is understood is based on what channels are tuned into and where the will of the mind directs it.
QUOTE(junaid malik @ Aug 12, 2016, 06:21 AM) *

in what language does your ego talk
In the language of your intentions, based on your association to the relative world and the language you identify with.
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