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> A Short Story, Written in a possible future
post Jun 15, 2014, 03:31 AM
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The Journey To Tomorrow

No-one knew quite when it all started, but they say it was somewhere around what they called the early twenty first century; the time before G.T.I. It seems strange now to think that all the dates around the world were different for thousands of years; I was taught that during this time, they used to war over their cultural differences. I could never imagine life if it did not embrace the varied cultures that had flourished over millennia, what a dreadful place this world would be if we were all the same everywhere.
As far as I can remember, it seemed that there was a time that all the different factions of humanity were just beginning to discuss the desperate need for global peace to become a reality before their differences finally tore them all apart; ruining everything all their ancestors had died for throughout their collective past.
For the first time they were all going to get this chance of giving humanity a future, and achieving equality on a scale never dreamed of by any previous generation. Not due to what they had previously been told would have to happen to end their troubles; a cataclysmic and devastating war or because of the introduction of a new religious faith system, but simply because peoples all over the world were been given a choice, freely without prejudice.
The negative consequences were never an issue, it was not a case of “do or be damned” it became a case of choose freely one way or the other and live freely with the knowledge that no matter what you choose, the only one who could judge you was yourself. Peoples awoken to the idea of having purpose without being a part of some grand scheme they were not privy to the outcome of, but they were all integral parts of humanity and all humans no matter which gender, where they were born or to which social status they belonged, they all had equal worth and that worth was priceless. Their lives had meaning; no longer were material goods or the acquisition of them given more value than that of a single life.
This choice had never been given to the global populous before and quite rightly it frightened the majority, so they shied away from it fearing it could only lead to mass anarchy and the end of civilisation as they knew it. They had always relied upon the basis that all forms of society that had flourished were based upon the words of immortal beings; not realising it was their own interpretation of the words their immortal beings had given them that had led them all to the same conclusions of how to live together in this world of ours. When they were first introduced to the thought of globally governing themselves, by themselves, for themselves they all feared retribution as this went against what they had all been taught. It wasn’t until they realised it was exactly what they had already been doing; all the time. They then began to understand the scope of the chance they were been given and the danger that was inherent in it.
They were to get only one chance at getting it right first time, and the choices they were to make were to reverberate throughout time from that time onwards to define exactly what humans wanted to be remembered for. Not warring factions splitting what dwindling resources were available to the few, but as a collective species advancing towards a goal of betterment of all life here on Earth. At last they were going to take the first incremental steps to a safe future for all children thus all adults to come. Shedding the shackles of ignorance and hate; that had kept them all enslaved to antiquated thoughts of dominance and power over others as being life’s primary goal.
It’s easy to sit back now and reap the benefits of their labours so long after the fact but it must have been terrifying for those brave peoples who after so many years of being told just how different they were, to adjust to what we now take for granted. Thanks to their foresight and careful preparation we can now bask in the glory of everything that they held to be sacred and true.
I have, as have so many others tried to imagine the turmoil and jubilation that must have happened in such a short space of time. Just think, generations of peoples being allowed to bury the hatchet of hate and mistrust after almost continual conflict for as long as they could remember. It must have been magical to live in those times, to be part of the greatest change in recorded history. Everyone alive at the time of conception and all of those who came before them are today those who we give thanks for through prayer for our very existence. They all became immortalised, achieving the very thing they had all wished for, for so long. I wonder if they actually understood that, when they were setting the foundation blocks for all humanity. The balance they created between all peoples came into being only because they were all part of the solution to all of their problems. They no longer relied upon the few to determine the paths they were supposed to follow and began to forge their own unique paths that led to the tapestry of humanity we take for granted today. It was the weaving of all faiths and cultures together that made them stronger than ever before, thus giving us the strongest of spiritual foundations on which to build our future upon.
What made the difference from every other form of change that had happened throughout their collective history was the fact that no-one actually knew who wrote the original piece or how many people were involved in the initial literary phase. Without this knowledge there was no reason to iconize or elevate an individual or group and all the more reason to iconize everyone who had ever existed. It was written at the beginning of the text, it was because of everyone that had ever existed, it was written for all future generations to come. The entire human race became the chosen peoples. The original piece had a built in clause, it was never to be used as anything else but a simple guide, every nation who adopted it was to add their own uniqueness to it, and so no two same versions of it could exist. This gave every nation the right to call their version; a unique name with equal worth. Eventually all nations thankfully chose to follow this ideal and so now we have hundreds of versions of the same codex, each basically the same but every single one of them beautifully unique to each land.
How strange it must have been for those concerned, how did they know what to write in their books? They were all given a rough sort of guide, yet they had to personalise it and were given the broadest of scopes to work with. It had to be intimidating for them, knowing what they would write would either be held as a monumental blessing or a curse that would haunt them for all time to come. Quite how they all managed to achieve what we now know as the collective human codex, is nothing short of a miracle.
Imagine if you will; been given “carte blanche” to take your nation into whatever direction your nation decides to go, then imagine if you will; the fact that every nation is doing the same thing at the same time. Then understand just how trustful every nation had to become of each other for it all to work, it bought about the need for co-operation on a scale unheard of before in human history without the need for conflict. The greatest change ever recorded in human history without the loss of a single life! All thanks to everyone and not someone.
Great care was taken by the leaders of the established nations as they felt the need to be guides to those developing nations less fortunate then them, but when it became apparent that due to the fact all nations were going to have to start from the beginning, every nation was deemed as a fledgling nation in the eyes of all others. It mattered not that newly foundered nations with only a few centuries or even a few years of existence had not established themselves globally in the same manner as the others, and had no discernable established culture so-to-speak, it actually became their greatest ally, for they were in exactly the “same predicament” as all other nations but they didn’t have to try and make up for the indiscretions major nations had to due to previous foreign policies. So it became these peoples who had the easier task in showing the world just what it meant to be a collection of peoples within one border, living together in mutual respect. They were also the ones who’s newly found celebrations got off of the ground first and are now equals amongst all nations here in the G.T.I. period.
Greater care was taken by the leaders of the established faith systems as they had never had to change in this manner before. It was always deemed necessary to eradicate previous teachings at all costs to ensure the submission of others, so when faced with the greatest change in their history without having to lose a single one of them, even they were at a loss just how to begin. Simplicity came to their aid as it did with almost everything during the interim period, they all identified with being the locus of forgiveness within their own spheres of influence, and so they all firstly had to learn to be able to forgive themselves and then to forgive all others.

This was the singular most miraculous feat of the entire period.

As soon as the world’s population saw this become a reality within their own lifetime, it was governed by all, as the leaders of all faiths leading the way to a secure future for all by setting an immaculate example for all to follow.
With this monumental task accomplished, no single individual or nation could deny that if their schools of faith and spirituality could do it, then it was time for all others to do the same, and that there was no going back if they were to save humanity’s true self. This then became the first collective step towards what we now perceive as being normality here on Earth. How strange it must have been for those who were there at the time to actually do it! Even with the entire interim period now fully documented for all to learn by, nothing could express the true sentiment of those physically experiencing it.
They had always tackled global problems in a pyramidical form, much like their understanding of society. If there was unrest in the lower levels of the societal pyramid, they always introduced their solutions at the point of unrest and not the reason behind the unrest itself. With so many societal pyramids suffering the same problems it became apparent that similar solutions could be used in many, if not all of them, but this time they focussed upon the reasoning behind the unrest not at the bottom; but at the top of the pyramids. They had of course previously done this but it meant the removal of the governing bodies of said pyramids by force and always with loss of life, and within a short space of time the pyramid always reverted back to its previous state. On this occasion though; the changed happened above the societal pyramid and on every level within it, thus dismissing the need for bloodshed.
Without the spiritual and therefore cultural differences fuelling hatred and mistrust between nations, all forms of war ceased and became the armistice we all know today as: Tomorrow. They used to have a saying “tomorrow never comes”, so they decided; the day when they all chose to end all forms of conflict should have a title that would always be unique and last for all time to come and never have been thought possible before, and so it came to be.
Tomorrow: The Day Humanity Was Born.
It also became the day that everyone takes time to reflect upon every single combatant that had ever given their lives in defence of what they believed to be true, throughout all previous recorded time. Many nations continued to follow their traditions of laying wreaths of remembrance, whereas some chose not only to recognise those fallen but also those who now never have to fall again, thanks to their ultimate sacrifices. They did so by planting new flowers and trees, some chose to lay wreaths in the morning, then planting in the afternoon followed by a celebration of life for all life. Others chose to visit the sight of their dearly departed ones with their family and friends, changing the image of their resting places from sorrow and loss to remembrance and celebration of their lives. What ultimately was achieved is one of the greatest days of the year we now celebrate all over the world.

As with the other two books, the meaning of it all only arrives at the end of the beginning. The next chapter is chapter two of mankind and also chapter one of humankind thus giving the premise two can be one but together make three. These pages cannot be written by anyone now, but will be written by everyone when the time finally arrives. For all your wisdom will come to you when you need it most and not before. Your journey now starts, keep your faith.
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