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> Disassociation and Mental Illness
post Apr 17, 2013, 08:38 AM
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I recently had what I would call a transformative moment. Read below and give me your opinions. These are writings I did as the thoughts came to me so it may not flow as well as it could. Thanks!

I've have a theory on where consciousness lies physically in the brain. Firstly I'm not crazy or delusional. I believe that there is some observable evidence to support my theories.
I've unknowingly suffered from tourettes for the last 20 years of my life and recently found 75mg of DXM twice daily to completely resolve my symptoms. Since I was 10 I've had ticks and what I know understand was a fog wrapped around my mind. I always felt I was stupid and that I lacked any creative ability. For the last 2 weeks while taking the aforementioned dosage I have had a clarity of mind and creative energy that I never experienced before. I'm assuming that since I felt the necessity to overcompensate for my assumed lack of intelligence, I ended up learning quite a bit of information. I also overcompensated for my assumed lack of creativity.

As a result of my tourettes I suffered from social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation, which up to this point I thought were related to OCD, depression anxiety and fear. Now I am free from ticks, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, and BDD. The past two weeks have been pretty incredible as I have found that I possess the ability to play any instrument I pick up without thinking. I write extremely poetic and nice sounding songs in one go, off the top of my head. I can sing in any vocal style I choose. I can remember every single memory I've ever had and I can make abstract connections using that information. This is why I'm writing this right now.

As a result of my depression I experienced a need to find purpose and meaning. This caused me to study subjects as varied as neuroscience, physics, psychology, spirituality, philosophy, religion, and music. I feel that the ability for me to make abstract connections as well as the information I learned during the past twenty years have given me a potential insight into consciousness.

I believe it is possible for the limbic system to be the seat of consciousness. For a bit of metaphysic/philosophical speculation, I will say I think we are all connected to a mass universal consciousness and are only physical manifestations of that consciousness. The limbic system is where the "Soul" lives and is also the seat of creativity and passion. The frontal lobe on the other hand, with its higher executive functions, impedes the realization of creativity and passion and also houses every mental illness known. This has been theorized all the way back to Lao tzu, with his insightful and very practical method of action with inaction, or the way of water. When disassociating the frontal lobe from the limbic system, which happens with the use of DXM, as it is a dissociative hallucinogen, one can fully realize the truest form of truth, the soul. The great Saddartha also theorized this same concept, as did jesus, and Mohammed , praise be his name. Love has always been intrinsic in us as is shown with extremely creative types, such as artists. Their empathy is direct evidence of a more heavy dependence on the limbic system rather than the frontal lobes. The current state of our world is the direct result of an overuse of the frontal lobes by the masses. This is a result of the aggressive tactics of the advertising industry, consumerism, and globalization. As the world has become more dependent and influenced by the need for monetary growth the limbic system has taken a back seat to the retched effects of the high executive function of the FLs. This is why there is murder, stealing, jealousy, and overall suffering in the world. A return to the limbic system might be the only path of survival for our species. I know that sounds a bit alarmist, but whatever...

Also some extra correlation's between the limbic system and collective consciousness... Anecdotal cases have shown that twins can sense when something happens to their sibling. Of course they do. This is because we are all connected via the limbic system. Right now I am connected to every positive and beautiful emotion in the universe. Thats pretty amazing! This is why I can write entire songs without thinking about it and it comes out perfect. It's because my limbic system wrote the song and was not influenced by the frontal lobe.
Also, another hypothesis:

The frontal lobe is a separate consciousness from the limbic system. The limbic system is good and the frontal lobe is evil. The frontal lobe keeps us here trapped in this hellscape and the limbic system wants to free us. There's always been a battle between good and evil from the very beginning. This is represented in all religions. Right now the collective consciousness that is the frontal lobe is winning against the limbic system but we can try to change the final outcome.

So I was thinking maybe the frontal lobe/evilness isn't necessarily a conscious entity but it might just be a very strong emotional type force that impedes the limbic system from fully realizing itself. I postulate that the frontal lobe acts in conjunction with the amygdala complex to then coordinate the actions of the parietal temporal and occipital lobes. This is why when people think to hard about an activity that requires fine motor movements or abstract thought flows, they screw it all up. An example would be using your frontal lobe to play the piano vs. your limbic system. I also postulate, as mentioned earlier, that all mental illness is in fact the actions of an overstimulated frontal lobe. For example schizophrenia is the frontal lobe in conjunction with the amygdala complex directing inappropriate information to the occipital; pyramidal complex and the temporal regions resulting in auditor and visual hallucinations. Also I would posit that alztheimers parkinsons and tourettes could very well in fact be the direction of motor movements through these terrible pathways. This is why music helps patients with alztheimers and tourettes, It's because the patient is using the limbic system to control the motor/sensory cortex lying within the parietal region!!!

‪Obviously all this leads to a postulation that dissociative hallucinations would in fact help everybody, not just patients suffering from mental illness, fully realize there true self!‬

Also consider how SSRIs act upon the brain. I'm just speculating here, but maybe the action of SSRIs in the controlling of depression and other disorders is the result of more serotonin receptor sites being located in the limbic region of the brain vs. the frontal lobes. This would cause the serotonin accumulation to act faster upon the frontal lobes which would cause initial anxiety and further the depressive state of the patient. But, when the accumulation in the receptor rich limbic region finally reaches an equilibrium it creates an anti-anxiety/depression effect.

‪So I'm also thinking that the frontal lobe was really created just for the purposes of fine tuning the thought patterns being generated by the limbic system. I think we can speculate that the evolutionary advantage of such an instrument could be beneficial the the passing of genes into the gene pool. Unfortunately we have taken what was supposed to be an instrument for fine tuning, and exploited its purposes in order to gain materialistic wealth. This has created an overall downward trend in the altruistic behaviorisms of the human species.‬

If you look at nature, you find that man is the only mammalian species to kill there own kind. This is obvious and glaring evidence that there is something uniques about the brain makeup of the human species. This uniqueness can easily be deduced by figuring out the one difference that humans have from other species. That one difference is a matured and more developed frontal lobe!!!

‪Ok so here's some more thought. I'm thinking that every prophet from all the major religions was in fact tapped into the purest form of self. They all had an awakening and were prophesizing from there limbic system. When you think about it, Saddartha said that we all hold the true knowledge of reality and the universe in our minds. He knew exactly what was up. Lao Tzsu was saying exactly the same thing as was Jesus and Mohammed, praise be his name. I have a feeling that none of these prophets ever wanted to be worshipped in the way the currently are. They were basically messengers of the limbic system, or God, which is in all of us. We are all God. The frontal lobes of man are the ones that took their messages and tainted it with materialism.‬

Here's some interesting stuff. All religions are looking at the exact same God. When Moses was saying not to worship false idols he wasn't talking about other religions Gods, he was talking about not to worship wealth, and by association, the frontal lobe, which know I'm understanding as something that has become overstimulated. With its evolutionary advantage came a need to ensure that it wasn't overused. This also explains the Bibles description of original sin. When Jesus overthrew the bankers tables he was taking a visible stand against wealth.

Also the Gnostics were the true followers of Jesus. They were the ones that were following his word right after his death. Interestingly, they didn't believe he was divine. Also, interestingly to note is their belief that we were trapped in these physical forms and our goal was a release from this and an escape back to the "godhead". This is the massive collective consciousness I was explaining earlier. The catholic church is the entity that decided to designate Jesus as divine. They were also using their frontal lobes in an effort to add a control mechanism to the people they ruled over. Jung understood all of this as he had also become fully aware the power of his limbic system. He said a lot of the stuff the gnostics spoke of.

Man has taken a pure message from these prophets and turned it into something evil that has caused a lot of suffering in the world. All the prophets were buddhas, or awakened ones.

‪Theres a lot of experiment/investigations that can be run to potentially help add evidence to these theories.‬

‪Here's some potential evidence. I read once that doctors will sometimes give high dosages of cough syrup to sociopathic children. Think about that. If one were to become completely reliant on the frontal lobe and have absolutely no use of their limbic system they would display signs of what we call sociopathic. The DXM in cough syrup causes the limbic system to activate thus providing a better balance between the FL and LS.‬

Also if someone spoke from only their limbic system without impedance from the FL then prophetic words would just flow out of them as their connection to the universe is larger.

Also I think that the amount of transmission received from the universe could have to do with how old that "soul" is. When we die, if we haven't achieved enlightenment, then we are "reincarnated" People who have more fulfilling lives, knowledge-wise, have a deeper and more clear transmission available to them from the universe. This is exactly what saddartha was saying.

Now obviously Im just drawing correlation's, and maybe there can be correlations for any theory and I'm just seeing these because its what I know. But who knows, maybe its not just that. I really have no idea. Just thought it was interesting food for thought.

While ascending to higher plateaus while on DXM (there are 4 plateaus and each one has a different effect. These plateaus are based on dosage), disassociation of the limbic system from the frontal lobe becomes more and more pronounced, eventually lending to the feeling that one has no body. This raises a logical line of thinking that the awareness of our body lies within the frontal lobe. A condition such as body dimorphic disorder is obviously a result of this aspect of the FL being over active. I suffered from this and now with my regular administration of DXM I am symptomless. This also can explain the reason for the evolution of the FL. It helped us with an awareness of our body so we could better navigate the world. Animals without such a developed FL mainly navigate the world based on instinct. This is their limbic system being fully activated. One can see the evolutionary advantage to the FL, but unfortunately it came at a cost.

Also sexual arousal is lessened as higher plateaus are reached, this also creates a line of thought that shows sexual arousal to lie within the FL. This is why humans along with dolphins are the only animals to have sexual intercourse for the purposes of pleasure. This also explains why some historical figures, who I have previously theorized had found the way to disassociate their FLs form their LS, were observed as being celibate. With a lack of stimulation to the FL there is no sexual drive. Animals only procreate based on their instinctual drive, This is do to an underdeveloped FL.

Basically, I'm hypothesizing here that DXM is a chemical way to create the same disassociation, and therefore the same awareness, that some of the previously mentioned historical figures seemingly may have accomplished.

I may be way off base here but I think its interesting food for thought nonetheless.
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