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> Opinions are a dime-a-dozen!
post Mar 30, 2010, 03:46 PM
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Opinions are a dime-a-dozen!

Why are opinions so cheap?

Opinions are so cheap because there is almost an infinite supply of them; almost everyone has an opinion about almost everything; when offered an opportunity most of us readily share these opinions.

Where do opinions come from?

I suspect that almost all of our opinions are derived through social osmosis. This means that we derive our opinions unconsciously without any consideration or effort from the surrounding social environment. I suspect most of the opinions that each of us has are opinions that we absorbed from our family while growing up.

Why have we become a “sound-bite” society?

Our technology, with its sustained media contact via radio and television, makes us susceptible to emotional response. Vacuous opinions drive most of our judgments. We are driven by well designed sound-bites because these well designed sound-bites are engineered to trigger our unconscious emotional responses.

When I set out to understand some particular matter I start with some model of what I think is the answer I am after. From this point I modify my papier-mâché like intellectual model until I reach some kind of understanding for the question I posed to myself in the beginning.

The question I started with many years ago was ‘How does my world operate’?

The Matador waving a red cape to manipulate a giant muscular bull is my analogy of how my world functions. The bull is the people; the Matador is the oligarchy that controls the people with various ideologies.

I guess, for all of us, a meme (often just an opinion) that gives impetuous to much of our behavior is the “capitalism is good” meme. This meme, with its closest suburbs, probably represents a fundamental element of the dominant ideology of western culture.

This cluster of memes contains the wonderful “doing good by doing well” meme. This is the rascal that allows us to follow our imperialistic and selfish impulses. This meme allows us to invade Iraq under false pretenses, it allows us to open our borders to those who will work cheap, it allows for the “trickle down” economic theory, it allowed the Nineteenth Century imperialism practiced by our European cousins, etc.

Most of the memes (opinions) we live by have never been examined by any of us. I suspect this one, “doing good by doing well”, in particular, needs to be placed on the table for close individual examination.

We saw the Nineteenth Century birth of a new economic entity, the corporation. A recent delivery of a new economic entity has occurred. This is the corporation-state. The new supranational corporation is here and on a fast freight. I suspect all these things happened too fast for a liberal democracy to encompass; so much for liberal democracy.

Perhaps philosophy should be an advocate of “lets take a meme out for examination” day.

“Weaken the nation state and you weaken liberal democracy.”
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Trip like I do
post Mar 30, 2010, 04:31 PM
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Supreme God

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lol.... good 1, but that's just my opinion
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post Jun 02, 2010, 05:59 PM
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Capitalism is one of the foundations of our nation, an economic theory that has propelled the world into a revolutionary age of technological advancement and material prosperity, was brought about by exaltation of the individual 'spirit' of man. Capitalism, which is a highly disputed concept, goes hand in hand with the notion of INDIVIDUALITY. "Pull yourself up by your boot straps, and go make something of yourself!" Its funny how all these witty intellectuals embrace the notion of individuality as they compete for 'truth,' yet when it comes to Capitalism, which was the great impetus that spark the 'Individual Revolution' and gave everyone the opportunity to arise above and beyond their 'birthright,' it is met with a smug antipathy by their own intellectual bias of objectivity, aka 'fairness' and 'equality,' just because one is able to empathize with the status of the lower-class, which most of us happened to born into (strange coincidence). I admit, Robin Hood was one of my favorite fictional characters growing up that set the stage for the liberal propaganda I was to be inundated with as an adolescent that relentlessly demonized the rich, but fortunately my prospective has changed.

Opinions are everywhere because in a society that fosters individuality, opinions come to form the 'substance' of who we are. There really is much difference between you and I, or someone half way across the world, in general. However, individuality isolates the idiosyncratic combination of features of one's 'personality' and pushes them to the forefront of consciousness so that we can identify with those aspects that make us 'unique' or 'special'.

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