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> How I expanded my consciousness, My tips (reader beware lol)
post Jul 04, 2013, 06:57 AM
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post Jul 04, 2013, 10:58 AM
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QUOTE(BoB4HoME @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

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Sorry I responded to your post before it was deleted. My bad!

QUOTE(Bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Tong Len
The practice of tong len goes back hundreds of years. My technique is as follows;
While in a bus or in a car in the city, focus on mankinds many achievements and creative developments. All the work that has been done, all the painting, designing, planning, teamwork, etc.
Then look at the beauty of the people, their legs, their buttocks, breast (whatever you find beautiful), see them as sculptures, works of art.
Then look at the beauty of nature. The colours, the swaying trees, the sounds of the animals and the leaves. Then you will feel a ball of energy expand in your heart. Let it overwhelm you, it won't kill you. Let it do its work.

What if you don't feel this ball of energy? Then what? Is the Ball of energy feeling a measure of success or failure?

Psychologically speaking focusing on the good accentuates the bad if one is trying to create positive effects where negative effects exist. In duality there are opposites.
QUOTE(Bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Your brain is god
Consciousness is the universe. All the senses, your body, your thoughts, everything only comes from you. Feelings can control your perception of the weather and the behaviour of others. Everytime you wake up, you recreate the entire universe, when you sleep, you take it with you.

Jesus once said: "God does not create suffering. Only Humans create Suffering.
Later in your post you mention all death is ego death. If you are alive, and the ego is alive... thru its interpretations of reality it idealizes as well as reduces the potential of consciousness as it exists beyond the living experience and projections of the ego.
The brain is an organ. A creation of God. Consciousness flows in and out of manifest reality and the brain filters consciousness with the influence of individuality, personality and levels of conscious awareness. A gnat experiences the world differently than a human, and no two humans experience reality the same.

Obviously you believe an individual with expanded consciousness has a different perception of reality than one without expanded consciousness.
Historically speaking enlightened individuals who have described their enlightenment has not yielded great results in instilling enlightened behavior or expanded consciousness in others. Jesus' disciples spent years with their master, as did the disciples of Buddha. Their discipline over the years did not equal the level of awareness of their master, being that consciousness as it creates, does not have a goal to create a single experience of being within the universe as a whole. If that were the goal of consciousness we would not exist in difference and in individuality.
QUOTE(Bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Life is but a dream...
All religious people believe this.

No they don't
QUOTE(Bobs trying to imagine home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *
When you try to see the physical world (through your eyes) as the dream world, you will feel something come out the back of your skull and flow over the top of your head and into your third eye, this is expansion of consciousness.

OR you won't, and no it isn't.
QUOTE(Bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Everyone in a dream is the same outside a dream in the physical world. You watch reality at all times, asleep and awake. Once you fully convince yourself of this, you enter the same consciousness as the Dalai Lama, The tireless god of compassion.

And if you hold your tongue in a certain way you can see Jesus.. wacko.gif
QUOTE(Bob's still not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Time NOW
Past and future exist only in the present. This is because, when we look at the something from the past or from the future we see it in the present as the watcher. It is pulled into the present with us. There is no old age or young age, you are not a number. Age is like a tree showing it's experience in the form of detailed expressions of lines. You have earnt your markings as a tree has.

A bit simplistic don'tcha think. Past present and future are constantly being created. Any illusion regarding points earned are subjective. Soon as your beliefs change so do the quality and value of any points. Whatever you gain in your idea of the present moment can easily be destroyed in a future moment the same way the illusions of the past have been destroyed by the revelations of the present system of observation.
Take for example the idea that the world is flat. A ridiculous idea in the current awareness of reality, but a fact of life not too long ago in the history of man.

Expansion of consciousness if so simple would be the result of the enlightened masters of the past, if it were of simple definition and a course study passed on thru word of mouth, regardless of whether the person passing on their study were enlightened or not. We all know what happens in the game of Chinese whispers where you start with a phrase and pass it around a circle of individuals and it returns to its point of origin as something completely different.
Tonglen, a practice of Bodhisattva, where one imagines the suffering of others, and attempts to transmute their dharma and Karma into peaceful feelings operates on the idea that their suffering is not useful or part of their own conscious creation in understanding the nature of their own creativity and delusional egoic projections. It seems heroic and compassionate to the waking state individual, but it's like taking away all discipline, focus and understanding, in the steps to cognitive discovery and practical experience in contrast to what is and isn't when one traverses a path of understanding. You can't give a person understanding or experience that is personal. That has never been the path of expansion of consciousness, to imagine from the level of consciousness which created a problem, to solve the same problem.
Instead, in any system of enlightenment, it has been the result of understanding and experience from higher states of consciousness, gained from objectivity, intellectual expansion, discipline and focus in a method guided by someone who has risen out of the level of delusion, that sees the illusion of misunderstanding as it is replaced with something greater. Like seeing and experiencing the earth as a sphere rather than imagining it as a pancake.

Imagination of a child does not create adult experiences or mentality without leaving childhood behind and becoming an adult thru growth and experience.
QUOTE(Bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Further expansion:
Once expanded, you will feel an explosion of inner flame. This is the self realizing its true potential. It will motivate you to achieve great things from now on. You will need less sleep from now on.

Needless to say.. from here it become less of an issue in reality to accept that you can fly because someone says you can. So jumping off the nearest bridge might not be a good idea.
QUOTE(Bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Reptile body
The reptile sits in your belly. It tells you to fight or flight. It tells you to follow habits and repeated behaviours, as well as strong sexual desires.

Ifn yer speaking of the survival chakra, it actually sits at the base of the spine. Gut feelings when driven by fear and a lack of expanded experience and understanding will drive a person to do ridiculous things, like try to get enlightened reading a book or a post on an internet forum based on some loosely translated and misguided individual who has overdosed on his imagination.
QUOTE(At this rate Bob's not gonna find home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Spiritual emotions
These emotions are felt in the upper body. Sometimes the head, or the back of your shoulders. It's like something is pressing against you, or holding you, or pulling you, it sometimes feels like a tingling in your heart as well. If you are a christian and you see an image of satan you may feel this sensation.
Taking an aspirin might help wink.gif
QUOTE(Boobs are us @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

My beliefs about reality

This should be good! or.. It can't get any worse ! Could it? This is like reading one of Peter Spencers posts.
QUOTE(Bubbas catfish and God emporium @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Originally, there was the god consciousness. who created everything else as the watcher. This spawned the sons of god. These sons were Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad, etc. Eve (the first female) drifted towards anthropomorphic gods (like Set). Each man is part man (light), part woman (darkness). The left side is the woman (darkness) and the right is man (light). Women can use seduction and they have the ability to always hide their intentions from men (the dark side). Man is obvious (illuminated). Women are drawn to monarchy and wealth, men are drawn to spirituality.
Both are necessary, Yin and Yang. Man shouldn't judge woman for her dark side and neither should woman judge man for his spiritual side. You should embrace both sides and thus achieve harmony.

It was good for me.. was it good for you? I feel like a woman who was just f*cked in the ass and told that I had an orgasm... and that I am one of the lucky ones rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(Bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Christ Consciousness (for man)
This is the understanding that you are christ reborn in the flesh. Satan will use women to tempt you and deprive you of happiness. The true woman is an anchor and guide and will be your Yin to your Yang. The Buddha had three women who were sent to seduce him, he rejected them all. All of life is a quest for ascension to heaven through the body. Life is filled with temptations and doubts, to take you from the spiritual path. This life is a life of messages from god and doubt from satan. Through devotion and hard work, you can make HoME (Heaven on Mother Earth). If you have commited ego death, that is the start, now this is your resurrection into spiritual pursuit.
Jung says "make the darkness part of your consciousness" This means embrace the feminine (hidden) side. Expose it to the light within you, stay positive and in the NOW always and you will make it to HoME. Your female side will follow you as well.

Good girl.. sit. stay. roll over. play dead. want a bone?
QUOTE(Bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Ego death
All death is ego death. Your brain restarts, full bodily death usually only happens after HoME. With ego death, you literally see someone new in the mirror before you (it is still you though).
A TV show called "Quantom Leap" explained this in more detail. You don't need pictures and memories of the past in your head, you only need NOW.
I knew if I watched enough sci-fi on TV I'd get enlightened.
When I wake up and take a shower, brush my teeth and comb my hair I see a different person in the mirror from the one that peered thru the one eye that was open before sitting on the toilet to take a dump.. does that count? smile.gif
QUOTE(bob's not home @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

The atheist insanity is over with the new Mayan rebirth. Now the battle for HoME begins. The demons will use everything to take you away from the spiritual path.

I think you are living proof of that. However.. I have some faith in humanity. Only in the sense that there is only a small percentage of individuals like you who are this..... (cough) enlightened. rolleyes.gif
QUOTE(Bubba Ho-Tep @ Jul 04, 2013, 11:57 AM) *

Hell is created by constant desire and a serious lack of faith (trust) in humanity. Hatred (including prejudice and overly judgmental behaviour) creates a hellish mind-set, these people may never see HoME at all.
Or Hell is created by imagining a Heaven and a Hell. Both Being held in the mind, no one ever really reaches nirvana while giving attention to the imagined and never actually going beyond imagining what you haven't experienced.
The other thing is ... when you think you experience something that has an air of finality, like enlightenment, and then it passes but remains as just a memory of a past experience, it probably wasn't what you thought it was.
Consciousness is always becoming and never is one thing. It is more than anything and no thing at all. Ego is idolotrous and calls its self I am.. I am this, and this is that, and so forth and so on.
Ego identifies with a path and every path has a beginning and an end. It reduces the infinite into finite ideals.
It sees its enlightenment as self idealized and calls it self realization, as it throws down anchors in an age and in an experience of anything that seems better than what was before, but still imagines a future based on the present experience.
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