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> Help with the Stress of Loosing a Parent, Nootropics that works
post Aug 29, 2016, 02:25 PM
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As a Ph.D. in neuropharmacology, I was very very skeptical about nootropics in general and when a friend recommended a few to me I really didn't believe it. But the price was right, and I had already had a seizure from not sleeping for about 9 days and was sick and tired of doctors giving me crap that Big Pharma said was helpful (most weren't). I was desperate and so friend recommend 2 nootropic-like drugs (Phenibut & Oleamide) and said Liftmode actually had reliably pure products. The price was right and I figured it couldn't hurt.

DISCLAIMER: Im not trying to sell these chemicals for Liftmode (specifically Phenibut and Oleamide), or any other company, Im just trying to tell people like me, who might be on the fence, what worked for me. When used at a safe dose, and for short periods of time, these two drugs really helped. Also, THESE DRUGS WILL NOT PREVENT SEIZURES, they will only help relax you, which for me meant help with getting and staying asleep. I hope one day, the medical benefit is acknowledged by doctors but for now, in spite of their status as medicines, they do help with relaxation- there is no question about it.

Recently, my father passed away. The death was difficult enough to cause night terrors, which led me to literally be afraid of sleeping at night. So basically, I could be exhausted but my fear led to something of an adrenaline surge which kept me from falling asleep. Plus the terrible nightmares made staying asleep impossible.

[/u]The drugs[/u]
Phenibut: Wonderful but be aware of the dose

I used Phenibut for a while now, trying to both reduce my daily anxiety and to help sleeping. While it does have down sides when not used properly, when used at the right (a.k.a. safe dose)

Pheibut was incredibly effective to reduce anxiety at all times during the day. I dont use it anymore during the day because it can be too potent and can reduce one's drive to work hard, but in a pinch, when Im ultra anxious, I will take a small dose. When I need to sleep but cant because of my newly developed fear of sleeping, I take a larger dose. 7/10 times it works great.

ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: This compound works, and works well but its effect is very dose-dependant. Doses vary by individual, so start small and find your dose range. Smaller doses relax you, moderate doses help sleep, and avoid very large doses. It can be disadvantageous.

Some nights, I absolutely NEED sleep and can't risk not falling asleep in a timely manner. These nights I couple Phenibut with Oleamide. This almost always helps me fall asleep, and importantly stay asleep.

I highly recommend this for occasional help falling asleep and semi-routine relief from anxiety.

Give this a chance, its always effective but needs to be used with care for both the dosage and amount of uses per day/week/month. However if you're careful with the dose and don't over use it, it really will help you.

Oleamide: Surprisingly helpful
Ive used this for a while now. It didn't help falling asleep regularly, it seems to have a long half-life or something that makes it less effective the second night of using it. But using it every 4-5 days, it almost always helps reduce my fear of sleeping.

Oleamide also has proven to reduce my levels of anxiety every time I take it.
Adding it to another calming agent, Phenibut, has actually proven as effective.

As I said, I was very skeptical when I bought this, I thought it was going to be like other over the counter anxiolytics, but its much better.

I recommend this for occasional help falling asleep and semi-routine relief from anxiety.

Give this a chance, its not a miracle compound but when you just need to relax or occasionally cant get to sleep and stay asleep.

I guess I was wrong, there are drugs, nootropics is the wrong word for these, but technically they fall under the umbrella for this words common usage.

Thanks, and again, I really dont care if you buy them. Just know what they have done for me, specifically how they helped me through a very tough time in my life.
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