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Posted by: +Steven Curtis Lance Nov 05, 2009, 09:12 PM

When LBJ Grew his Hair

LBJ grew his hair at the end (like me)
Along with Howard Hughes and the rest
That erstwhile paragon of conformity
Felt something needing to be expressed
Or else he just forgot about his hair
In any case I noticed (I was there)

After Watergate there was a little thaw
In the frigid conservatism of
The Orange County context from which I came
Reflected in officeholders and in law
Ironically Nixon was to blame
For that false-spring brief experiment with love

And soon enough it all went back to the way
It seems to be inevitably
Except for evolution down to this day

Only the evolved dare to be free
By daring they select themselves for better

LBJ might not have been one of these but
Having outgrown his conventional fetter
At the end he had that hair no matter what

Some people say LBJ was sorry for
Decisions made and things he had done
Or maybe he lost his mind about the war
I wonder what he thought of Nixon?
But unlike those he sent to fight and die there
He had the luxury of growing his hair

I had the feeling back then that he evolved
Or at least that he was thinking then
With his shoulder-length hair at those football games
His presidency and his war unresolved
As paranoid Nixon added names
While the rest of the world wondered why and when

That erstwhile paragon of conformity
The unwanted dad of the nation
Just might have realized the enormity
Of it all at his fall by this small
Gesture of reconsideration:
LBJ grew his hair at the end (like me)

+Steven Curtis Lance

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